The Fire After Sunset


A brilliant sunset near Asheville, North Carolina.



An explosively colorful show just after sunset. I had to work hard to find a quiet-enough place to set up the camera for this sunset. I had zero clue it was going to be a particularly good one, but I was out that day looking for fall colors in the higher elevations, and just stayed out for sunset because why wouldn’t I? The funny/sad thing is a young family ended up hanging out for sunset near my spot, but their daughter was cold and said she wanted to hike back down and go home. Her father responded, “You know, there are people who save for the whole year so they can go on vacation just to come here and hike up this mountain to watch one sunset from here. But you want to go home now, before sunset is over?” “Yeah.” “Okay.” and with that the three of them packed up and started hiking down.

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