Sunset on the Farm


An extraordinarily colorful sunset in the mountains of Western North Carolina.



I was picking up a loved one from the airport this evening with no intention to undertake any landscape photography at all. But on the way home the sky started to do some incredible things. I decided we had to make a mad dash for this spot to try and capture a worthy image of what was happening. Unfortunately for my plans, we were on small, windy mountain roads in a rural community and there was a pickup truck hauling a tractor on a trailer in front of us. So there would be no mad-dashing. More of a panicky stroll toward the vantage point as the magic in the sky unfolded above us. I managed to keep my eyes on the road at least fifty-percent of the time, and we made it to the spot and managed to get the camera and tripod set up in time for about five or six exposures before the magic show ended. As of this writing, this was a top five or top three sunset of my lifetime (and I watch a lot of sunsets), made better for me by getting to share the experience with family and successfully capturing a couple images, too.

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