Standing Lenticular Clouds


A massive stack of standing lenticular clouds in formation above some peaks in the mountains of Western North Carolina.



Perhaps the most amazing cloud formation I have seen. I was out to practice bird photography one evening in May of 2020 (we were hot on the trail of some Indigo Buntings, in fact), and I was not thinking about the landscape. But then I passed this opening in the canopy and saw these clouds in the distance. I grabbed a few exposures with my super-telephoto lens before they started to dissipate, and then went back to focusing on the birds, so to speak. It was one of a few experiences that have trained me to take at least a little time to carefully observe my environment basically every time I am outside. You never know when something truly remarkable could appear, and in this case taking a little look around resulted in one of my favorite captures of all time.

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