Leonid Fireworks


A large, bright, and colorful meteor from the Leonid meteor shower explodes in the early morning sky over Asheville, North Carolina.



A meteor from the Leonid meteor shower explodes in our atmosphere. Capturing this image was remarkably lucky, because I had only set up a few minutes before, and was shooting manually at the time. Normally when photographing meteors, or at least hoping to, you set the camera to take photos continuously for whatever length of time you choose. In this case, I was only outside shooting because our new kitten was keeping me awake. In retrospect I am so glad he did, of course, because this was one of the largest and brightest meteors I have seen, and it blew up about one second into a six-second exposure. I might never get another capture like this no matter how many more years I go out to photograph meteors. It won’t stop me from trying, but this image is likely to remain a night sky photography highlight for me.

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