Goodnight from the Balsam Range


A brilliant blue hour (post sunset) glow over Pisgah National Forest from the Art Loeb trail near Asheville, North Carolina.



I preach a lot about waiting until well after sunset before you pack up and head home, because you will otherwise miss what is often more enjoyable than sunset proper. In this instance I did not follow my own advice, and was already on the hike back to my car when this was unfolding. Luckily this particular trail is almost all gorgeous vistas and there is not a bad spot to stop and take a photograph from. And fortunately it’s gotten to where I can set up my tripod and camera with my eyes closed in almost no time flat.

I used a pixel shift option on my camera to capture this image, which sets the camera to take four images in a row, moving the sensor an infinitesimal bit between each shot, and the four images are then combined into one with dedicated software. It does not always work well outdoors, particularly when there is wind or rapidly changing conditions, but when it does work (as in this instance) the color fidelity is better and I get higher resolution and less noise to work with in processing. Both were important here, because it was getting dark which leads to more noise, and the colors were so brilliant.

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