Earthshadow and the Venus Belt


Soothing, cool colors of a winter sunset over Western North Carolina.



A view of a cold, colorful sky brought to us by ice crystals in the atmosphere and an old fire lookout tower off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. This capture was a cold affair, with loud, powerful wind almost the entire session, causing this old, three-story retired fire lookout tower to gently sway and creak a bit. The tower does not inspire confidence, but it does provide such fantastic long range views that you can sort of forget about how terrified you are. For a little while.

The darkest part of the sky next to the horizon is actually earth’s own shadow cast on the atmosphere as the sun dips below the horizon.

The almost hot pink layer of clouds just above earth’s shadow is called the Belt of Venus which is a lot like alpenglow, but it is in the atmosphere and it can last longer than alpenglow.

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