Comet Neowise over Mt Pisgah


The comet known as NEOWISE F3/2020 as-viewed over Mt Pisgah one early morning in July of 2020.



My first image of the comet known as NEOWISE F3/2020. This turned out better than I could have imagined. Most of my photographs involve a fair bit of planning, often down to the details of the composition. In this case, it was challenging to determine in advance where I could even see the comet during the short window of time after it rose on the horizon and before sunrise made it too bright to see. So, I just decided to camp at one of the highest elevation spots near Asheville, and wake up early enough to set up before the comet would appear over the horizon and see what came of it. It was quite a joy to see the comet rise. And then to see it was aligned closely enough to get Mt Pisgah in frame with it was icing on the cake. Getting out to see this brilliant visit from Comet Neowise would have been a high point in an otherwise great year, so my gratitude to the universe sending us this gift in the middle of a universally difficult year.

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