A snowy sunset in Southern Appalachia


Snow-covered mountains bathed in warm sunset light in Pisgah National Forest.



This image was captured after my first snowy hike on a closed Blue Ridge Parkway. I love hiking on the Parkway in the winter when the roads are closed to vehicles and the road can be devoid of people for miles and miles. And when you do actually run into other people, they tend to be my kind of folks! Anyway, the hike was laborious but fun, and this sight was the reward for all that effort. The sun was about to set, and its grand finale for the day included these glowing beams of light passing through those distant ridge lines. This kind and quality of light has become a familiar sight for me, but familiarity here breeds excitement. As a nature-lover, I am excited to see such a beautiful phenomenon, and as a photographer I love the technical and artistic challenge of trying to capture this light at its most distinctive point. Basically, if this light happened every night (it assuredly does not), I would be happy to be out there with my camera every night, too.

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